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Yes, it’s a truism, but we’ll say it anyway: Data Science has changed a lot over the past decade. It has always been central to research institutions – from geographers to chemists, statistics and detailed analysis is a fundamental component of moving knowledge forward. But it’s thanks to technological development that it has radically impacted the business world, and gradually taken over the popular imagination.

But what does the data world look like today? It has become so entrenched in modern life, impacting not just business or academic research but also our politics, our shopping habits and even the way we think about love and sex. Nate Silver might have made a name for himself as a data-driven political Nostradamus, but today it’s not even about what we do with data – it’s also about what our robot overlords do with it. Google’s AI appears to have mastered Go better than most of us can begin to dream, and Facebook looks like it might well soon be populated by more chatbots than barely remembered school friends. But what’s driving all this? And who’s building the systems and the infrastructure that has got us to where we are.

None of this stuff, after all, builds itself.

It feels impossible to predict what’s ahead – so maybe we should stop trying to bother. Instead of thinking the future is out there, locked in our collective imagination, let’s talk more about what we’re doing now – let’s talk more about the trends and pressures that are impacting on real-life data scientists and analysts today.

That’s exactly what we want to do here at Packt – whatever you do in data we want to hear from you. Take part in our 2016 Skill Up survey and help us better understand the changing shape of the software world. Tell us what’s important, what tools you’re using – even what you wish you were using.

Take part in our survey here and help us not only better understand the software world but also to build a new way to explore it. Once you’ve completed the survey you’ll not only receive a discount code to save 75% on your next eBook or video purchase from Packt, you’ll also gain early access to a beta version of a brand new product we’ve been building – we can’t give much away, but you’ll be able to use it next month, so watch this space!

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