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Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17.6, IBM’s Deep Learning as a Service program, Intel’s nGraph, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning, and data science news.

Top Data science News Stories of the Day

  1. Azure Database Services are now generally available for MySQL and PostgreSQL.

  2. Microsoft announces the release of SSMS, SQL Server Management Studio 17.6.

  3. IBM rolls out Deep Learning as a Service (DLaaS) program for AI developers.

Other Data Science News at a Glance

  1. Intel AI open sources nGraph, a framework-neutral Deep Neural Network (DNN) model compiler. With nGraph, data scientists can focus on data science rather than worrying about how to adapt their DNN models to train and run efficiently on different devices.
    Read more on the Intel AI Blog.
  2. Databricks introduces a new millisecond low-latency mode of streaming called continuous mode in Apache Spark 2.3, now available in Databricks Runtime 4.0 as part of Databricks Unified Analytics Platform.
    Read more on the Databricks Blog.
  3. IBM announces the launch of IBM Watson Data Kits, which are designed to accelerate the development of AI applications. Watson Data Kits will provide companies with pre-enriched, machine-readable, industry-specific data for building AI projects.
    Read more on PR Newswire.
  4. DeepL introduces DeepL API, as part of DeepL Pro. DeepL API is an interface that allows other computer programs to send texts to DeepL servers and receive high-quality translations.
    Read more on the DeepL Blog.
  5. The Altair 2.0 release candidate is now available, with full support for interactive Vega-Lite visualizations in Python. Features a declarative grammar of interactions for building sophisticated interactive data views from easy-to-understand building blocks.
    Read more on Altair Github.


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