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Tensorflow 1.7.0-rc0, Google’s NSynth Super, Microsoft’s Machine translation system, and more in today’s top stories around machine learning, deep learning, and data science news.

Top Data science News Stories of the Day

  1. Tensorflow 1.7.0-rc0 arrives close on the heels of Tensorflow 1.6.0!

  2. Google launches Nsynth Super, a hardware companion to its NSynth AI tool to algorithmically create new sounds.

  3. Microsoft releases Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 17115 with Machine Learning APIs.

Other Data Science News at a Glance

  1. Microsoft researchers have created the first machine translation system that they claim can translate sentences of news articles from Chinese to English with the same quality and accuracy as a real person.
    Read more on the Windows blog.
  2. NetBase unveiled next-gen artificial intelligence with image analysis capabilities. This AI can analyze visual posts to identify brand logos and keywords, classify images by facial emotions, and measure the impact of images on Instagram and other visual channels.
    Read more on MarTech Series.
  3. Elasticsearch has updated the Elastic Dotnet versions 2.x, 5.x & 6.x clients to use JSON.NET 11.0.1.
    Read more on Github release notes for versions 2.5.8, 5.6.1, and 6.0.1.
  4. Intel has issued the latest version of its Math Kernel Library in an effort to help developers leverage instruction sets, improve hardware or software performance, and democratize data science tools.
    Read more on SiliconANGLE.
  5. ObjectRocket For MongoDB Is Now On Microsoft Azure Cloud. With this new global offering via Microsoft Azure Cloud, businesses of all sizes can get their data as close to their application as possible, reducing latency and improving data performance.
    Read more on ObjectRocket.


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