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Welcome to the new week! Here is the data science news you need to know. There’s a theme emerging this week with machine learning popping up in new areas such as IoT and security. This is something we’re probably going to see more of in the weeks and months to come…

Data science news from the Packt Hub

  1. MongoDB goes relational with 4.0 release
  2. TensorFlow 1.8.0 has just been released in beta
  3. Amazon Sagemaker is going to make machine learning on the cloud easier

Data science news from across the web

  1. UK’s House of Lords report on AI raises concerns around ethics and monopolization
  2. Symantec has opened its machine learning tools – “Targeted Attacks Analytics” to the public. The cyber security company has been using machine learning in its research into state-sponsored cybercrime, and believes it to be incredibly effective in identifying and tackling threats. Algorithms capable of processing a huge range of behaviors are used to identify suspect activity. One of the researchers behind the project claimed that it helped them to identify threats they had never seen before – clearly, this could be big news for many companies battling cybercrime.
  3. NeoPulse Framework 2.0 launched in a bid to make artificial intelligence more accessible. Created by AI startup Dimensional Mechanics, NeoPulse Framework 2.0 is a toolkit that allows developers – and others – to solve business problems using artificial intelligence and machine learning with relative ease. Even for those with AI experience and knowledge, the company suggests that NeoPulse Framework 2.0 will “reduce the amount of code required to build AI models by up to an amazing 85%.”
  4. Splunk gets on board with Industrial IoT. The big data analytics company has announced Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence, a tool that will allow businesses to better process and analyze IoT. It will be formally announced on April 23 at the Hannover Messe conference, and made available as a limited release. It’s expected to be opened up later this year.
  5. Nvidia and Arm partner to enter IoT marketplace. Nvidia’s Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) is going to be integrated within Arm’s Project Trillium platform. This will make it easier to embed deep learning within IoT systems.
  6. PGAdmin 4 v.3.0 released. 
  7. EdgeDB is slated for release very soon. “In the next few weeks we will release the first public technology preview of EdgeDB say the team behind it on their blog. EdgeDB describes itself as a ‘new generation of database’ that aims to solve the “inconsistency between relational databases and modern programming.”
  8. OmniDB 2.7 has been released. 2nd Quadrant, the PostgreSQL organization, has released an update to its broswer based database management tool. It offers improved debugging and security features.


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