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Every LinkedIn user can customize his/her profile headline. Your headline is the first thing that is read about you by other LinkedIn users, even before they get a chance to have a look at your detailed profile. Hence, this tool should be used wisely so that it can attract the right audience.

The following screenshot shows what a profile headline looks like:

How to do it…

To set up your LinkedIn profile headline, perform the following steps:

  • Click on the Edit Profile button from the LinkedIn toolbar located at the top of the page that appears after you log in.

  • Click on the button located next to your current headline, and you will see a screen, as shown in the following screenshot:

  • Input the professional headline for the target audience.

How it works…

You’ve now learned how to update your LinkedIn profile headline. The key point is to be as specific as you can and put the right keywords that are search engine friendly and eye catching. Let me state a few examples:

  • Job seeker headline:

    5 years of exp in Java and .NET; looking for opportunities in Hong Kong

  • Service marketing headline:

    Helping fortune 500 companies increase revenues by designing better HR strategies

  • Examples of a few other interesting headlines:

    • Chief Operating Officer; building high performing sales teams that align with corporate vision

    • Experienced sales professional looking to positively impact a new organization

    • Retail technology solutions; developing high performing retail outlets


It is a good idea to refine and update your profile headline regularly, so that your profile is viewed by the right audience. Thus, we have learnt how to customize the LinkedIn profile headline.

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