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Early this month, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) published its first set of standards for the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies. Now with AR/VR added in the library, it will be able to provide support to an even larger number of audiences.

CTA’s decision to include AR/VR within its free standard library is due to the ever-increasing popularity of AR/VR among the gamers across the globe. Also, the market for AR/VR accessories is quite competitive and continually improving.

Brian Markwalter, senior VP of research and standards CTA, said that their first standard for AR/VR represents an important step in addressing key emerging technology areas.

Brian pointed out that the reason for creating this standard is to promote the definitions created by the CTA’s AR/VR working group to spread awareness regarding different technologies and experiences. This standard helps the industry create a blueprint which can support the AR/VR technologies more effectively.

The CTA-2069 publication or “Definitions and Characteristics of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies”,  introduces various terms based on the evolving and upcoming technologies such as Augmented reality (AR), Mixed reality (MR), Virtual reality (VR) videos and images, X reality, outside-in tracking and room-scale VR.

You can find the free standards library easily online for free. This library gives you complete transparency and insight on the standards being used across the industry. Standards which cover and improve the accuracy of the key aspects of the consumer tech industry including audio, video, health, fitness, closed captioning, etc.

The new standard has made it to market at the right time. CTA Sales and Forecasts report states that VR has become a $ 1 billion sector in the U.S and 4.9 million units will be sold in 2018 which is a 25 percent bump from 2017. It will also generate $ 1.2 billion in revenues. CTA accredits the boost to the growing popularity and market among AR/VR gamers within the sector.

According to David McIntyre, the Senior Vice President of strategy and standards, Xperi Corporation, “Standardized, market-centric definitions are an important first step for the industry”. He also said how he’s looking forward to increased industry involvement while CTA works on other areas of XR (which is any hardware that combines aspects of AR, MR, and VR) standardization in service of the industry and consumers.

For more coverage on CTA’s first AR/VR standard, check out the official CTA press release.

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