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Crypto-ML is a machine learning powered cryptocurrency price prediction service for Cryptocurrency Traders.  It currently supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash trading.

Individuals at level with Enterprises

Individuals have relied on outdated and speculative technical indicators, as opposed to enterprises who have sophisticated machine-learning technologies at their disposal to enhance their trading results. Outdated methods have reduced reliability due to human error, emotional inputs, selection bias, lag, and changing market dynamics. Crypto-ML focuses on bringing newer machine learning technology to individuals, helping to level the playing field.

How does Crypto-ML work?

Traditional technical indicators generally provide mediocre results, particularly in crypto markets, which are often hectic. Additionally, they are subject to interpretation, can conflict with other indicators, and often lag rather than making an accurate prediction. Crypto-ML uses vast data sets to generate proprietary models for predicting future price movement. It uses machine learning to generate triggers or signals. These signals belong to three categories – buy, sell, or hold. These signals are generated by an end-to-end systematic machine-learning mechanism. Crypto-ML has historically opened an average of 12 trades per year (24 buy/sell signals). Since the models are continuously optimizing, the frequency of triggers may change. The use of ML algorithms eliminates human emotion and error. Moreover, as the crypto markets undergo constant change and flux, the Crypto-ML models are trained and evaluated every day.

However, this service predicts future outcomes using past data. Changes in market conditions, including, but not limited to, micro, macro, and global conditions, may invalidate existing models or cause exceptions for one or more days. Thus the team at Crypto-ML says that the tool is to be “used for informational purposes only. Each individual has unique risk tolerances and is responsible for their own investment decisions. It provides no warranties of any kind.”

Crypto’s ML service early access is currently $19 per month. Users may cancel at any time. This service is based on a month-to-month membership with no commitment. Users can cancel their account from the membership site.

To know more, visit Crypto-ML official website.

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