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Practical training delivered by experts. That’s what we wanted to achieve when we started developing our new courses product.

And now you can try them for yourself – courses week, running from 12th-18th February,  is the perfect time to discover a range of Live and on-demand courses and pick them up for an incredible price.

Packt courses explained

On-demand courses

On demand courses give you access to training delivered by an expert that you can follow however you want. Watch online, pause, rewind and skip ahead at your convenience. Then put your learning to the test with featured quizzes after each section – proven to help you better retain and apply your learning.

Featuring courses on everything from deep learning to AWS, from Akka to Angular 2, we’ve got courses on some of the most important trends and tools in modern tech.

Throughout courses week every single on demand course will be available for just $10. That’s hours of training combined with expert insight for the price of lunch.

Live courses

Live courses are an event – which means you’ll be attending a unique training session with like-minded people. Each session will be run by an expert in the field with unmatched industry experience. In it, they’ll explore concepts, use cases and challenges, using their insight to illustrate how to make cutting-edge trends and tools work for you.

Throughout courses week you’ll be able to book your seat at our short (2 hour) courses for just $10. You’ll also be able to book your place on an 8 hour session with DevOps expert Viktor Farcic for $49.

Course bundles

We’ve put together related courses into bundles so you can purchase your own complete program of training. You can get any of these on demand course bundles for $20 throughout courses week:

At just $20 throughout courses week, it’s your chance to learn new skills with industry experts for an incredible price.



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