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Yesterday, Containous, a cloud-native networking company, announced Maesh, a lightweight and simple Service Mesh. Maesh is aimed at making service-to-service communications simpler for developers building modern, cloud-native applications.

It is easy to use and fully featured to help developers connect, secure and monitor traffic to and from their microservices-based applications. Mesh also supports the latest Service Mesh Interface specification (SMI), a standard specification for service mesh interoperability in Kubernetes.

Maesh allows developers to adopt microservices thus, improving the service mesh experience by offering an easy way to connect, secure and monitor the network traffic in any Kubernetes environment. It helps developers optimize internal traffic, visualize traffic patterns, and secure communication channels, all while improving application performance.

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Maesh is designed to be completely non-invasive, allowing development teams across the organization to incrementally “opt-in” applications progressively over time. It is backed by Traefik’s rich feature-set thus, providing OpenTracing, load balancing for HTTP, gRPC, WebSocket, TCP, rich routing rules, retries and fail-overs, not to mention access controls, rate limits, and circuit breakers.

Maesh can run in both TCP and HTTP mode. “In HTTP mode, Maesh leverages Traefik’s feature set to enable rich routing on virtual-host, path, headers, cookies. Using TCP mode allows seamless and easy integration with SNI routing support,” Containous team reports. It also enables critical features across any Kubernetes environment including observability, Multi-Protocol Support, Traffic Management, Security and Safety.

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In an email statement to us, Emile Vauge, CEO, Containous said, “With Maesh, Containous continues to innovate with the mission to drastically simplify cloud-native adoption for all enterprises. We’ve been proud of how popular Traefik has been for developers as a critical open source solution, and we’re excited to now bring them Maesh.”

To know more about Maesh in detail, read the Containous’ Medium blog post.

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