Configuring WCM Workflows

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(For more resources on Afresco 3, see here.)

Workflows can be configured for both web forms and non-generated web content. In order to submit content to the Staging Sandbox, workflows need to be configured. We will discuss shortly how form-based and file-based workflow can be configured, and also how content can be submitted to the Staging box.

Associating workflows to web forms

Workflow for web forms can be configured using the Create Web Form Wizard or the Edit Web Form wizard. Using these approaches, workflows can be configured for all web projects and for a specific web project. Assuming that we have already created a web form, we will use the same web form to drive a workflow. In this example, we have to use the Edit Web Form Wizard. Follow these steps to assign a workflow for the web form:

  1. Ensure that the Alfresco server is up and running.
  2. Go to Company Home Data Dictionary | Web Forms|.
  3. Click on the Edit Web Form action under the training (web form name) space.

  4. Clicking on this will open Edit Web Form Wizard. Click on Next twice to reach the Configure Workflow window.
  5. Select the Yes radio button and click on Next.

  6. Click on Finish.

Associating workflows to web projects

To assign a workflow for a specific project, you can use two approaches. The first approach is by using the Create Web Project Wizard that will be used if you are creating a new web project. The second approach is by using the Edit Web Project Wizard. We will be using the second approach since we have already created the Cignex web project. Follow these steps to associate workflow for a web form:

  1. Ensure that the Alfresco server is up and running.
  2. Go to Company Home Web Projects | Cignex|.
  3. Select Edit Web Project Settings from the action menu.

  4. Click on Next.
  5. On the next screen, click on Next.
  6. In the Step Three window, you will notice the added web forms in the panel as shown in the following screenshot. You can see the Configure Workflow button available for each web form. This button is enabled only for those web forms for which we have configured workflows. Notice the attention icon next to the workflow. This indicates a workflow has been selected but not configured:

  7. On clicking the Configure Workflow button, the Configure Workflow window is opened. This window is used to configure form-based workflows (web form generated content). This is specific for web forms only. Fill out the details as shown in the following screenshot:

  8. Click on OK. Now, if you notice, the attention icon disappears.
  9. Click on Next. You will again see the Configure Workflow window. Click on the Add to List button to add the workflow for the web project. Once the workflow is added in the panel, you can configure file-based workflows (non-web form generated content). They are configured based on filename pattern matching. In Workflow Settings, note the default regex pattern matches .*. This default means that any asset web form generated, and non-web form generated, will go through this review process. Also, you can add the Web Site Submission workflow multiple times in this wizard. For each instance you can configure a different chain of reviewers for different sections of the websites or types of assets by modifying the regex pattern match in Workflow Settings, for example, .css, .html.

    Please note that the Configure Workflow window can be used for both file and non-web form generated assets. But this window is mainly used for non-web form generated assets.

  10. Click on Finish.

Submitting content to the Staging box

Content can be submitted in two ways.

  • The first option is by using the Edit Web Content Wizard or the Create Web Content Wizard. With this option you can submit only form-based content.
  • The second option is by using the Submit Selected or Submit All option provided under Modified Items. With this option you can submit both form-based assets and non-form based assets.

Using the Edit Web Content wizard

We assume that the web content is already created. So we are going to use the Edit Web Content wizard. Log in as Mark Steven, who is the Content Manger of the Cignex project. Follow these steps to directly submit content to the workflow:

  1. Go to Company Home Web Projects | Cignex|.
  2. Select the Browse Website option to browse all files and folders.

  3. Go to the common/inc folder.
  4. Click on the Edit action placed next to the training.html file.
  5. Click on Next.
  6. The Summary window is opened. It has the functionality to directly submit content to the workflow (this functionality is also available in the Create Web Content Wizard).
  7. Select those checkboxes to submit directly. This saves you from initiating a separate submission process.

  8. Click on Finish.

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