Configuring placeholder datastores

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Assuming that each of these paired sites is geographically separated, each site will have its own placeholder datastore. The following figure shows the site and placeholder datastore relationship:

This is how you configure placeholder datastores:

  1. Navigate to vCenter Server’s inventory home page and click on Site Recovery.
  2. Click on Sites in the left pane and select a site. Navigate to the Placeholder Datastores tab and click on Configure Placeholder Datastore, as shown in the following screenshot:

  3. In the Configure Placeholder Datastore window, select an appropriate datastore and click on OK. To confirm the selection, exit the window.

  4. Now, the Placeholder Datastores tab should show the configured placeholder. Refer to the following screenshot:

  5. If you plan to configure a Failback, repeat the procedure in the recovery site.


In this article, we covered the steps to be followed in order to configure placeholder datastores.

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