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Earlier this year, Cloudflare launched its DNS service as a resolver to make DNS queries faster and more secure that anyone could use free of charge. The day before yesterday, they announced the launch of mobile app for iOS and Android.

DNS services are used by internet service providers to interpret a domain name like “Google.com” into an IP address that routers and switches can understand. However, DNS servers provided by ISPs are often slow and unreliable. Cloudflare claims to combat this issue with its service.

On a public internet connection, people can see what sites a user visits. This data can also be misused by an internet service provider. The tool makes it easy to get a faster, more private, internet experience. Cloudflare’s app will redirect all user apps to send DNS requests through a local resolver on their phone to its faster server. The server will then encrypt the data to avoid any third person from spying on user data.

Features of Cloudfare mobile app

  1. The app is open source.
  2. The app uses VPN support to push mobile traffic towards the DNS servers and improve speed.
  3. It prevents a user’s carrier from tracking their browsing history and misusing the same.
  4. Cloudflare has promised not to track mobile app users or sell ads. The company has retained KPMG to perform an annual audit and publish a public report.  It also says most of the limited data collected is only stored for 24 hours.
  5. Cloudflare claims that is the fastest public server, about 28 percent faster than other public DNS resolvers.
  6. As compared to the desktop version, the mobile app is really easy to use and navigate.

Head over to the Cloudflare Blog to know more about this announcement. You can download the app on iOS or Android to test the app for yourself.

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