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Cloudflare announced yesterday that it is adding Warp, a free VPN to the DNS resolver app. Cloudflare team states that it began its plans to integrate app with warp performance and security tech, about two years ago. The app was released in November last year for iOS and Android. The mobile app included features such as VPN support that helped move the mobile traffic towards DNS servers, thereby, helping improve speeds.

Now with warp integration, app will speed up mobile data using Cloudflare network to resolve DNS queries at a faster pace.  With Warp, all the unencrypted connections are encrypted automatically by default. Also, Warp comes with end-to-end encryption and doesn’t require users to install a root certificate to observe the encrypted Internet traffic. For cases when you browse the unencrypted Internet through Warp, Cloudflare’s network can cache and compress content to improve performance and decrease your data usage and mobile carrier bill.

“In the App, if users decide to enable Warp, instead of just DNS queries being secured and optimized, all Internet traffic is secured and optimized. In other words, Warp is the VPN for people who don’t know what V.P.N. stands for”, states the Cloudflare team.

Apart from that, Warp also offers excellent performance and reliability. Warp is built around a UDP-based protocol that has been optimized for the mobile Internet. Warp also makes use of Cloudflare’s massive global network and allows Warp to connect with servers within milliseconds. Moreover, Warp has been tested to show that it increases internet performance.

Another factor is reliability which has also significantly improved. Warp is not as capable of eliminating mobile dead spots, but it is very efficient at recovering from loss. Warp doesn’t increase your battery usage as it is built around WireGuard, a new and efficient VPN protocol.

The basic version of Warp has been added as a free option with the app for free. However, Cloudflare team will be charging for Warp+, a premium version of Warp, that will be even faster with Argo technology. A low monthly fee will be charged for Warp+ that will vary based on different regions. Also, the App with Warp will have all the privacy protections launched formerly with the app.

Cloudflare team states that app with warp is still under works, and although sign-ups for Warp aren’t open yet, Cloudflare has started a waiting list where you can “claim your place” by downloading the app or by updating the existing app. Once the service is available, you’ll be notified.

Our whole team is proud that today, for the first time, we’ve extended the scope of that mission meaningfully to the billions of other people who use the Internet every day”, states the Cloudflare team.

For more information, check out the official Warp blog post.

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