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Read the latest Server-Side Web Development news, updates and insights on the Packt Hub. We provide coverage of multiple server-side languages including Java , Python and Node.js. Packt Hub helps you get up to speed with the latest expert insights from the web dev community.

Using Node.js and Hadoop to store distributed data

Hadoop is a well-known open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity...

Deploy Node.js Apps with AWS Code Deploy

As an application developer, you must be familiar with the complexity of deploying apps to a fleet of servers with minimum down time. AWS...

How to build a cross-platform desktop application with Node.js and Electron

Do you want to make a desktop application, but you have only mastered web development so far? Or maybe you feel overwhelmed by all...

Making a simple Web based SSH client using Node.js and Socket.io

If you are reading this post, you probably know what SSH stands for. But just for the sake of formality, here we go: SSH stands...

Using Node.js dependencies in NW.js

NW.js (formerly known as node-webkit) is a framework that makes it possible to write multi-platform desktop applications using the technologies you already know well:...

How to build a Remote-controlled TV with Node-Webkit

Node-webkit is one of the most promising technologies to come out in the last few years. It lets you ship a native desktop app...

Creating Your Own Node Module

Node.js has a great community and one of the best package managers I have ever seen. One of the reasons npm is so great...

Node 6: What to Expect

I have a confession to make—I’m an Archer. I’ve taken my fair share of grief for this, with everyone from the network admin that...

With Node.js, it’s easy to get things done

Luciano Mammino is the author (alongside Mario Casciaro) of the second edition of Node.js Design Patterns, released in July 2016. He was kind enough...

The Future is Node

In the few years we’ve seen Node.js explode onto the tech scene and go from strength to strength – In fact, the rate of...

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