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8 built-in Angular Pipes in Angular 4 that you should know

Angular is a mature technology with introduction to new way to build applications. Think of Angular Pipes as modernized version of filters comprising functions...

Quick start – your first Sinatra application

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Step 1 – creating the application The first thing to do is set up Sinatra itself, which...

Manipulating jQuery tables

In this article by Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer, we will use an online bookstore as our model website, but the techniques we cook...
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Using Native SDKs and Libraries in React Native

When building an app in React Native we may end up needing to use third-party SDKs or libraries. Most of the time, these are...

Shapefiles in Leaflet

This article written by Paul Crickard III, the author of Leaflet.js Essentials, describes the use of shapefiles in Leaflet. It shows us how a...
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Django 3.0 is going async!

Last year, Andrew Godwin, a Django contributor, formulated a roadmap to bring async functionality into Django. After a lot of discussion and amendments, the...

Building a real-time dashboard with Meteor and Vue.js

In this article, we will use Vue.js with an entirely different stack--Meteor! We will discover this full-stack JavaScript framework and build a real-time dashboard with...

What’s new in ECMAScript 2018 (ES9)?

ECMAScript 2018 -  also known as ES9 - is now complete with lots of features. Since the major features released with ECMAScript 2015 the...

Setting up a Complete Django E-commerce store in 30 minutes

In order to demonstrate Django's rapid development potential, we will begin by constructing a simple, but fully-featured, e-commerce store. The goal is to be...

Using Socket.IO and Express together

In this article by Joshua Johanan, the author of the book Building Scalable Apps with Redis and Node.js, tells us that Express application is...

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Giving material.angular.io a refresh from Angular Blog – Medium

Hi everyone, I’m Annie and I recently joined the Angular Components team after finishing up my rotations as an Engineering Resident here at Google....

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