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Vue maintainers proposed, listened, and revised the RFC for hooks in Vue API

The internet was ablaze when Evan You, creator of Vue, published an RFC to introduce a function-based component API earlier this month. This followed...
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Edge, Chrome, Brave share updates on upcoming releases, recent milestones, and more at State...

Last month, This Dot Labs, a framework-agnostic JavaScript consultancy, conducted its biannual online live streaming event, This.JavaScript - State of Browsers. In this live...

Shopify announces Fulfillment network, video and 3D model assets, custom storefront tools and more!

At the ongoing Shopify Unite 2019 conference, Shopify has announced a number of new products like Fulfillment network, video and 3D model assets, custom...

Polyglot programming allows developers to choose the right language to solve tough engineering problems

Programming languages can divide opinion. They are, for many engineers, a mark of identity. Yes, they say something about the kind of work you...
The best Visual Studio Code extensions for Node.js developers

12 Visual Studio Code extensions that Node.js developers will love [Sponsored by Microsoft]

Visual Studio Code might have appeared as a bit of a surprise when it was first launched by Microsoft - why reach out to...
Viktor Charypar from Red badger speaks to Packt

Angular 8.0 releases with major updates to framework, Angular Material, and the CLI

Angular 8.0 was released yesterday as a major version of the popular framework for building web, mobile, and desktop applications. This release spans across...

8 Stunning Motion graphics trends for 2019

Motion graphics, animation, animated content, moving illustrations and the list of various terminologies goes on. All these terminologies are used for the most innovative...
Why Node.js developers might like Azure

5 reasons Node.js developers might actually love using Azure [Sponsored by Microsoft]

If you’re a Node.js developer, it might seem odd to be thinking about Azure. However, as the software landscape becomes increasingly cloud native, it’s...

Apple proposes a “privacy-focused” ad click attribution model for counting conversions without tracking users

Yesterday, Apple announced a new ad attribution model, which aims to hit the right balance between online user privacy and enabling advertisers to measure...
Why do developers love Visual Studio Code?

5 developers explain why they use Visual Studio Code [Sponsored by Microsoft]

Visual Studio Code has quickly become one of the most popular text editors on the planet. While debate will continue to rage about the...

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Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...