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React Newsletter #227 from ui.dev’s RSS Feed

Articles Build A Confirmation Modal in React with State Machines In this article, Dave builds a reusable state machine using React and Robot to handle this...

Introduction to props in React from ui.dev’s RSS Feed

Whenever you have a system that is reliant upon composition, it’s critical that each piece of that system has an interface...

React Newsletter #226 from ui.dev’s RSS Feed

News Storybook 6.0 is released Storybook 6.0 is a lot easier to set up and also incorporates many best practices for component-drive development. Other highlights include: Zero-configuration...

Understanding React’s useRef Hook from ui.dev’s RSS Feed

The marketing pitch for useState is that it allows you to add state to function components. This is true, but we...

5 Key skills for web and app developers to learn in 2020

Web and application development can change quickly. Much of this is driven by user behavior and user needs - and if you can’t keep...

App and web development in 2020: what you need to learn

Web developers and app developers: not sure what you should be learning over the next 12 months? In such a fast-changing industry it can...

App and web development in 2019: What we loved and what mattered

For app and web developers, the world at the end of the decade is very different to the one that began it. Sure, change...
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OpenJS Foundation accepts Electron.js in its incubation program

Yesterday, at the Node+JS Interactive in Montreal, the OpenJS Foundation announced the acceptance of Electron into the Foundation’s incubation program. The OpenJS Foundation provides vendor-neutral...

W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) declares WebAssembly 1.0 as an official web standard

Last Thursday, the World Wide Web Consortium declared Web Assembly 1.0 as an official W3C Recommendation. With this announcement, WebAssembly becomes the fourth language...
Serverless and machine learning trends in skill

You can now use WebAssembly from .NET with Wasmtime!

Two months ago, ASP.NET Core 3.0 was released with an updated version of the Blazor framework. This framework allows the building of interactive client-side...

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Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...