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Full-stack Web Development embodies every aspect of web development, from Front-End to Server-Side and everything in between. With so many changes in technologies like Angular, MongoDB and Express it’s hard to keep track. As a result, Packt Hub brings you the latest news, updates and insights to help you. We provide tutorials and more to help you master stacks like MEAN and MERN.

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Django 3.0 is going async!

Last year, Andrew Godwin, a Django contributor, formulated a roadmap to bring async functionality into Django. After a lot of discussion and amendments, the...
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Testing RESTful Web Services with Postman

In today's tutorial, we are going to leverage Postman framework to successfully test RESTful Web Services. We will also discuss a simple JUnit test case,...
Programming languages for 2019

16 JavaScript frameworks developers should learn in 2019

According to Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey 2018, JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages. Thanks to its ever-evolving framework ecosystem to...
Predicting the future of web development

4 predictions by Richard Feldman on the future of the web: TypeScript, WebAssembly, and...

At ReactiveConf 2019, Richard Feldman, author of Elm in Action and creator of ‘elm-css’ made four predictions about how the future of web development...

Adding Real-time Functionality Using Socket.io

In this article by Amos Q. Haviv, the author of MEAN Web Development, decribes how Socket.io enables Node.js developers to support real-time communication using...

Building a Simple Address Book Application with jQuery and PHP

Let's get along. The application folder will be made up of five files: addressbook.css addressbook.html addressbook.php addressbook.js jquery.js Addressbook.css will contain the css for the interface styling, addressbook.html will contain the...

Data Tables and DataTables Plugin in jQuery 1.3 with PHP

In this article by Kae Verens, we will look at: How to install and use the DataTables plugin How to load data pages on request from...

Implementing AJAX Grid using jQuery data grid plugin jqGrid

In this article by Audra Hendrix, Bogdan Brinzarea and Cristian Darie, authors of AJAX and PHP: Building Modern Web Applications 2nd Edition, we will...

App and web development in 2020: what you need to learn

Web developers and app developers: not sure what you should be learning over the next 12 months? In such a fast-changing industry it can...

Displaying MySQL data on an ASP.NET Web Page

Web enabling business data is one of the key devices used to advertise and market products. This can be done with various technologies such...

Must Read in Web Dev

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...