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Front-end web development is all about how the world sees your project. Finding the right front-end web framework can be difficult for developers. As a result, Packt Hub provides the latest news and updates around tools like Angular and React to keep you up to date. From JavaScript‘s latest updates to the evolution of how browsers such as Firefox and Chrome display your code, we’ve got all the latest news and insights in one place.

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Vue maintainers proposed, listened, and revised the RFC for hooks in Vue API

The internet was ablaze when Evan You, creator of Vue, published an RFC to introduce a function-based component API earlier this month. This followed...

Apple proposes a “privacy-focused” ad click attribution model for counting conversions without tracking users

Yesterday, Apple announced a new ad attribution model, which aims to hit the right balance between online user privacy and enabling advertisers to measure...
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Will Grant’s 10 commandments for effective UX Design

Somewhere along the journey of web maturity, we forgot something important: user experience is not art. It's the opposite of art. UX design should...
Slash Data launches developer survey

npm JavaScript predictions for 2019: React, GraphQL, and TypeScript are three technologies to learn

Based on Laurie Voss’ talk on Node+JS Interactive 2018, on Friday, npm has shared some insights and predictions about JavaScript for 2019. These predictions...
The state of JavaScript development in 2018

4 key findings from The State of JavaScript 2018 developer survey

Three JavaScript developers surveyed over 20,000 JavaScript developers to find out what’s happening within the language and its huge ecosystem. From usage to satisfaction...
Vue.js popular JavaScript framework

Vue.js 3.0 is ditching JavaScript for TypeScript. What else is new?

Last week, Evan You, the creator of Vue.js gave a summary of what to expect in the coming major release of Vue.js 3.0. To...
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How to handle exceptions and synchronization methods with Selenium WebDriver API

One of the areas often misunderstood, but is important in framework design is exception handling. Users must program into their tests and methods on...
Vue.js popular JavaScript framework

Why has Vue.js become so popular?

The JavaScript ecosystem is full of choices, with many good web development frameworks and libraries to choose from. One of these frameworks is Vue.js,...

Must Read in Web Dev

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...