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Building a Consumer Review Website using WordPress 3

(For more resources on Wordpress, see here.) Building a consumer review website will allow you to supply consumers with the information that they seek and...

Customer Management in Joomla! and VirtueMart

Note that all VirtueMart customers must be registered with Joomla!. However, not all Joomla! users need to be the VirtueMart customers. Within the first...

Local User Management in FreeNAS

Local User Management The first step to creating a user is in fact to create a group. Each user must belong to a group. Groups...

Building Form Applications in Joomla! using CK Forms

(For more resources on Joomla!, see here.) Add a quick survey  form to your Joomla site Dynamic web application often means database at the back-end. It...

How to configure MSDTC and the firewall for the distributed WCF service

Understanding the distributed transaction support of a WCF service As we have seen, distributed transaction support of a WCF service depends on the binding of...

Creating and Managing User Groups in Joomla! and VirtueMart

User manager In Joomla!, there is one User Manager component from where you can manage the users of that site. However, for the VirtueMart component,...

Ubuntu Server and WordPress in 15 Minutes Flat

(For more resources on WordPress, see here.) Introduction Ubuntu Server is a robust, powerful and user-friendly distribution engineered by a dedicated team at Canonical as well...

Creating Blog Content in WordPress

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Posting on your blog The central activity you'll be doing with your blog is adding posts. A...

Multiple Templates in Django

Considering the different approaches Though there are different approaches that can be taken to serve content in multiple formats, the best solution will be specific...

The Multi-Table Query Generator using phpMyAdmin and MySQL

The Search pages in the Database or Table view are intended for single-table lookups. This article by Marc Delisle, covers the multi-table Query by...

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Giving a refresh from Angular Blog – Medium

Hi everyone, I’m Annie and I recently joined the Angular Components team after finishing up my rotations as an Engineering Resident here at Google....

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