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Staying up to date with changes to platforms like Magento and Wordpress can be difficult. Packt Hub strives to provide the latest news around CMS and E-Commerce sites, to keep you up-to-date.

Installing PHP-Nuke

The steps to install and configure PHP-Nuke are simple: Download and extract the PHP-Nuke files. Download and apply ChatServ's patches. Create the database for PHP-Nuke. Create a database...

Manipulating jQuery tables

In this article by Karl Swedberg and Jonathan Chaffer, we will use an online bookstore as our model website, but the techniques we cook...

Setting up a Complete Django E-commerce store in 30 minutes

In order to demonstrate Django's rapid development potential, we will begin by constructing a simple, but fully-featured, e-commerce store. The goal is to be...

Troubleshooting FreeNAS server

Where to Look for Log Information The first place to head whenever you have a configuration problem with FreeNAS is to the related configuration section...

Configuring Manage Out to DirectAccess Clients

In this article by Jordan Krause, the author of the book Microsoft DirectAccess Best Practices and Troubleshooting, we will have a look at how...

Using front controllers to create a new page

In this article, by Fabien Serny, author of PrestaShop Module Development, you will learn about controllers and object models. Controllers handle display on front...

Implementing a WCF Service in the Real World

WCF is the acronym for Windows Communication Foundation. It is Microsoft's latest technology that enables applications in a distributed environment to communicate with each...

HTML, PHP, and Content Posting in Drupal 6

Input Formats and Filters It is necessary to stipulate the type of content we will be posting, in any given post. This is done through...

Customer Management in Joomla! and VirtueMart

Note that all VirtueMart customers must be registered with Joomla!. However, not all Joomla! users need to be the VirtueMart customers. Within the first...

FreeRADIUS: Working with Authentication Methods

Authentication is a process where we establish if someone is who he or she claims to be. The most common way is by a...

Must Read in Web Dev

Giving material.angular.io a refresh from Angular Blog – Medium

Hi everyone, I’m Annie and I recently joined the Angular Components team after finishing up my rotations as an Engineering Resident here at Google....

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