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Top 5 Newish JavaScript Libraries (That Aren’t AngularJS…)

AngularJS is, like, so 2014. Already the rumblings have started that there are better ways of doing things. I thought it prudent to look...

How to Create a Flappy Bird Clone with MelonJS

How to create a Flappy Bird clone using MelonJS Web game frameworks such as MelonJS are becoming more popular every day. In this post...

Change the World with Laziness – The Case for Building Tiny Business Websites

Most businesses don’t have websites... Seriously, it’s true. More than half of all small businesses have no dedicated web space, and those make up the...

Interfacing React Components with Angular Applications

There's been talk lately of using React as the view within Angular's MVC architecture. Angular, as we all know, uses dirty checking. As I'll...

Responsive Web Design is Hard

Last week, I embarked on a quest to build my first website that would simultaneously deliver on two puns; I would “launch” my website...

Exploring Module Development in AngularJS

This started off as an article about building a simple ScrollSpy module. Simplicity got away from me however, so I'll focus on some of...

Migrating a WordPress Blog to Middleman and Deploying to Amazon S3

Part 1: Getting up and running with Middleman Many of today’s most prominent web frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Wordpress, Drupal, Express, and...

How to Deploy a Blog with Ghost and Docker

2013 gave birth to two wonderful Open Source projects: Ghost and Docker. This post will show you what the buzz is all about, and...

What’s next after Angular? Take the Meteor challenge!

This month the Meteor framework hit version 1.0. We’ve been waiting to see this for a while here at Packt, and have definitely not...

Part 2: Migrating a WordPress Blog to Middleman and Deploying to Amazon S3

Part 2: Migrating WordPress blog content and deploying to production In part 1 of this series, we created middleman-demo, a basic Middleman-based blog. Part 1...

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