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Building a better web starts with keeping on top of the latest Web Development news. Whether you’re looking for the latest Angular news, or want to see what the latest JavaScript update involves, our expert editors deliver the latest Web Development news, today.

Installing PHP-Nuke

The steps to install and configure PHP-Nuke are simple: Download and extract the PHP-Nuke files. Download and apply ChatServ's patches. Create the database for PHP-Nuke. Create a database...

Should you use Bootstrap or Material Design for your next web or app development...

Superior user experience is becoming increasingly important for businesses as it helps them to engage users and boost brand loyalty. Front-end website and app...

How to Setup PostgreSQL with Node.js

Have you ever wanted to add a PostgreSQL database to the backend of your web application? If so, by the end of this tutorial,...

Role of AngularJS

This article by Sandeep Kumar Patel, author of Responsive Web Design with AngularJS we will explore the role of AngularJS for responsive web development. Before...
Vue.js popular JavaScript framework

Vue.js 3.0 is ditching JavaScript for TypeScript. What else is new?

Last week, Evan You, the creator of Vue.js gave a summary of what to expect in the coming major release of Vue.js 3.0. To...

Using Handlebars with Express

In this article written by Paul Wellens, author of the book Practical Web Development, we cover a brief description about the following topics: Templates ...

Creating test suites, specs and expectations in Jest

In this article by Artemij Fedosejev, the author of React.js Essentials, we will take a look at test suites, specs, and expectations. To write a...

How To Get Started with Redux in React Native

In mobile development there is a need for architectural frameworks, but complex frameworks designed to be used in web environments may end up damaging...

Storing Passwords Using FreeRADIUS Authentication

In the previous article we covered the Authentication Methods used while working with FreeRADIUS. This article by Dirk van der Walt, author of FreeRADIUS...
Django 2.1 released with new model view permission and more

Building a Web Service with Laravel 5

A web service is an application that runs on a server and allows a client (such as a browser) to remotely write/retrieve data to/from the...

Must Read in Web Dev

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...