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optimize website in grunt

Getting started with designing RESTful APIs

The application programmable interface (API) is one of the most promising software paradigms to address anything, anytime, anywhere, and any device, which is the...
Adobe InDesign 2020

Understanding advanced patterns in RESTful API [Tutorial]

Every software designer agrees that design patterns, and solving familiar yet recurring design problems by implementing design patterns, are inevitable in the modern software...

Implementing routing with React Router and GraphQL [Tutorial]

Routing is essential to most web applications. You cannot cover all of the features of your application in just one page. It would be...
Should you switch to Angular?

Applying styles to Material-UI components in React [Tutorial]

The majority of styles that are applied to Material-UI components are part of the theme styles. In some cases, you need the ability to style individual components...
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Implementing autocompletion in a React Material UI application [Tutorial]

Web applications typically provide autocomplete input fields when there are too many choices to select from. Autocomplete fields are like text input fields—as users...

Which Python framework is best for building RESTful APIs? Django or Flask?

Python is one of the top-rated programming languages. It's also known for its less-complex syntax, and its high-level, object-oriented, robust, and general-purpose programming. Python...
time series modeling

Cross-Validation strategies for Time Series forecasting [Tutorial]

Time series modeling and forecasting are tricky and challenging. The i.i.d (identically distributed independence) assumption does not hold well to time series data. There...
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Best Practices in Go GUI Development [Tutorial]

Separation of concerns is closely related to the Single Responsibility Principle introduced by Robert C. Martin in his principles of Object Oriented Design, which...

How to build topic models in R [Tutorial]

Topic models are a powerful method to group documents by their main topics. Topic models allow probabilistic modeling of term frequency occurrence in documents....
Abstract Cubes Formation

How to translate OpenQASM programs in IBX QX into quantum scores [Tutorial]

Open Quantum Assembly Language (OpenQASM, pronounced open kazm) is a custom programming language designed specifically to minimally describe quantum circuits. In this tutorial, we will...

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