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Part 1: Deploying Multiple Applications with Capistrano from a Single Project

Capistrano is a deployment tool written in Ruby that is able to deploy projects using any language or framework, through a set of recipes,...

Docker Container Management at Scale with SaltStack

Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes the way work is done in a data center. It happened with virtualization...

How to Build a Recommender Server with Mahout and Solr

In the last post, Mahout on Spark: Recommenders we talked about creating a co-occurrence indicator matrix for a recommender using Mahout. The goals for a...

Getting started with Vagrant

As developers, one of the most frustrating types of bugs are those that only happen in production. Continuous integration servers have gone a long...

How to Create a Flappy Bird Clone with MelonJS

How to create a Flappy Bird clone using MelonJS Web game frameworks such as MelonJS are becoming more popular every day. In this post...

Interfacing React Components with Angular Applications

There's been talk lately of using React as the view within Angular's MVC architecture. Angular, as we all know, uses dirty checking. As I'll...

Polygon Construction – Make a 3D printed kite

3D printers are incredible machines, but let's face it, it takes them a long time to work their magic! Printing small objects takes a...

Configuring Distributed Rails Applications with Chef: Part 1

Since the Advent of Rails (and Ruby by extension), in the period between 2005 and 2010, Rails went from a niche Web Application Framework...

Migrating a WordPress Blog to Middleman and Deploying to Amazon S3

Part 1: Getting up and running with Middleman Many of today’s most prominent web frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Wordpress, Drupal, Express, and...

Configuring Distributed Rails Applications with Chef: Part 2

In my Part 1 post, I gave you the low down about Chef. I covered what it’s for and what it’s capable of. Now...

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