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Implementing Particles with melonJS

With the popularity of games on smartphones and browsers, 2D gaming is back on the scene, recalling the classic age of the late '80s...

Unit Testing Apps with Android Studio

We will need to create an Android app, get it all set up, then add a test project to it. Let's begin. 1. Start Android...

How to Convert POJO to JSON Using Gson in Android Studio

JSON has become the defacto standard of data exchange on the web. Compared to its cousin XML, it is smaller in size and faster...

Part 2: Deploying Multiple Applications with Capistrano from a Single Project

In part 1, we covered Capistrano and why you would use it. We also covered mixins, which provide the base for what we will...

Part 1: Deploying Multiple Applications with Capistrano from a Single Project

Capistrano is a deployment tool written in Ruby that is able to deploy projects using any language or framework, through a set of recipes,...

Making the Most of Your Hadoop Data Lake, Part 2: Optimized File Formats

One major factor of making the conversion to Hadoop is the concept of the Data Lake. That idea suggests that users keep as much...

Docker Container Management at Scale with SaltStack

Every once in a while a technology comes along that changes the way work is done in a data center. It happened with virtualization...

How to Build a Recommender by Running Mahout on Spark

Mahout on Spark: Recommenders There are big changes happening in Apache Mahout. For several years it was the go-to machine learning library for Hadoop. It...

How to Build a Recommender Server with Mahout and Solr

In the last post, Mahout on Spark: Recommenders we talked about creating a co-occurrence indicator matrix for a recommender using Mahout. The goals for a...

Getting started with Vagrant

As developers, one of the most frustrating types of bugs are those that only happen in production. Continuous integration servers have gone a long...

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