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Why Wall Street unfriended Facebook: FB lost over $120 billion in market value overnight after Q2 earnings call

Phish for Facebook passwords with DNS manipulation [Tutorial]

Password Phishing can result in huge loss of identity and user's confidential details. This could result in financial losses for users and can also...

What you need to know about VPNFilter Malware Attack

Have you heard about the latest VPNFilter Malware attack? In brief, the software networking firm and its network analysis department known as ‘Talos’ identified a...

The 10 most common types of DoS attacks you need to know

There are businesses that are highly dependent on their services hosted online. It's important that their servers are up and running smoothly during their...
Intel's Spectre variant 4 patch impacts CPU performance

Intel’s Spectre variant 4 patch impacts CPU performance

Intel recently announced their fix for Spectre variant 4 attack that would significantly decrease CPU performance. While working on this fix, Intel anticipated some...

12 common malware types you should know

A malware is a software with malicious intent that changes the system without the knowledge of the user. A malware uses the same technologies that...

Dancing with the Dead


Submitting a malware Word document

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) We will submit a document dealing with Iran's Oil and Nuclear Situation. Perform the following steps: Open...

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Top 6 Cybersecurity Books from Packt to Accelerate Your Career

With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In organizations worldwide, there is not only a dire need for cybersecurity...

Win-KeX Version 2.0 from Kali Linux