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The best penetration testing tools for ethical hackers

EU to sponsor bug bounty programs for 14 open source projects from January 2019

Julia Reda, EU member of the parliament, announced, last week, that EU will be funding the internet bug bounty programs for 14 out of...
Mozilla Headquarters

Mozilla developers have built BugBug which uses machine learning to triage Firefox bugs

Yesterday the team at Mozilla announced that the company is receiving hundreds of bug reports and feature requests from Firefox users on a daily...

25 million Android devices infected with ‘Agent Smith’, a new mobile malware

Two days ago, Check Point researchers reported a new mobile malware attack called ‘Agent Smith’ which infected around 25 million Android devices. This malware...
Computer bug, failure or error of software and hardware concept, miniature red ladybug on black computer motherboard PCB with soldering, programmer can debug to search for cause of error.

Researchers prove that Intel SGX and TSX can hide malware from antivirus software

Researchers Michael Schwarz, Samuel Weiser, and Daniel Gruss from Graz University of Technology  have published a research paper that demonstrates how the Intel SGX...

Submitting a malware Word document

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) We will submit a document dealing with Iran's Oil and Nuclear Situation. Perform the following steps: Open...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Chinese hackers use snail mails to send malware on board government PCs

Recently, Cisco and Huawei had faced a major breach in their routers where attackers used two different bypass methods. Hackers managed to compromise Cisco...
Linux kernel

Cisco reports critical vulnerabilities in Nexus 9000 data center switches, PI software, and EPN...

Earlier this month, Cisco announced a critical vulnerability in its Nexus 9000 Series Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Mode Switch Software. This vulnerability allows an...

Fortnite just fixed a bug that let attackers to fully access user accounts, impersonate...

Yesterday, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, an online video game acknowledged the existence of a bug in the game (Fortnite). This bug could...

Google open sources ClusterFuzz, a scalable fuzzing tool

Google made its scalable fuzzing tool, called ClusterFuzz available as open source, yesterday. ClusterFuzz is used by Google for fuzzing the Chrome Browser, a...
web development

.NET Core releases May 2019 updates

This month, during the Microsoft Build 2019, the team behind .NET Core announced that .NET Core 5 will be coming in 2020. Yesterday the...

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With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In organizations worldwide, there is not only a dire need for cybersecurity...

Win-KeX Version 2.0 from Kali Linux