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6 Tips to Prevent Social Engineering

Social engineering is a tactic where the attacker influences the victim to obtain valuable information. Office employees are targeted to reveal confidential data about...

A universal bypass tricks Cylance AI antivirus into accepting all top 10 Malware revealing...

Researchers from Skylight Cyber, an Australian cybersecurity enterprise, have tricked Blackberry Cylance’s AI-based antivirus product. They identified a peculiar bias of the antivirus product...
dark web spy spy

How has ethical hacking benefited the software industry

In an online world infested with hackers, we need more ethical hackers. But all around the world, hackers have long been portrayed by the...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Winnti Malware: Chinese hacker group attacks major German corporations for years, German public media...

German public broadcasters, Bavarian Radio & Television Network (BR) and Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR), have published a joint investigation report on a hacker group spying...

12 common malware types you should know

A malware is a software with malicious intent that changes the system without the knowledge of the user. A malware uses the same technologies that...
AI attack

Privilege escalation: Entry point for malware via program errors

Malware or a malicious software is designed to harm user’s computer systems in multiple ways. Over the years, hackers and attackers have implemented various...
NetSpectre attack exploits data from CPU memory

Lilocked ransomware (Lilu) affects thousands of Linux-based servers

A ransomware strain named Lilocked or Lilu has been affecting thousands of Linux-based servers all over the world since mid-July and the attacks got...

What you need to know about VPNFilter Malware Attack

Have you heard about the latest VPNFilter Malware attack? In brief, the software networking firm and its network analysis department known as ‘Talos’ identified a...
Computer bug, failure or error of software and hardware concept, miniature red ladybug on black computer motherboard PCB with soldering, programmer can debug to search for cause of error.

A bug found in Glibc limits modern SIMD instructions to only Intel, inhibiting performance...

Yesterday, Mingye Wang reported a bug in the Glibc, GNU C Library. According to him, the dl_platform detection performs "cripple AMD" in the sysdeps...
Kubernetes security

Machine learning based Email-sec-360°surpasses 60 antivirus engines in detecting malicious emails

E-mail is the traditional, primary, and the most vital part of communication within business organizations. They hold minutes of important discussions, confidential documents as...

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Top 6 Cybersecurity Books from Packt to Accelerate Your Career

With new technology threats, rising international tensions, and state-sponsored cyber-attacks, cybersecurity is more important than ever. In organizations worldwide, there is not only a dire need for cybersecurity...

Win-KeX Version 2.0 from Kali Linux