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Odoo Addon modules

A step by step guide to creating Odoo Addon Modules

Odoo uses a client/server architecture in which clients are web browsers accessing the Odoo server via RPC. Both the server and client extensions are packaged...
Programming languages for 2019

8 programming languages to learn in 2019

Learning new skills takes time - that's why, before learning something, you need to know that what you're learning is going to be worthwhile....

Multithreading with Qt

Qt has its own cross-platform implementation of threading. In this article by Guillaume Lazar and Robin Penea, authors of the book Mastering Qt 5, we will...

Create a Local Ubuntu Repository using Apt-Mirror and Apt-Cacher

How can a company or organization minimize bandwidth costs when maintaining multiple Ubuntu installations? With bandwidth becoming the currency of the new millennium, being...

Introducing Liferay for Your Intranet

In this article by Navin Agarwal, author of the book Liferay Portal 6.2 Enterprise Intranets, we will learn that Liferay is an enterprise application...

Writing Your First Cucumber Appium Test

In this article, by Nishant Verma, author of the book Mobile Test Automation with Appium, you will learn about creating a new cucumber, appium...
container,container ship in import export and business logistic.

How Concurrency and Parallelism works in Golang [Tutorial]

Computer and software programs are useful because they do a lot of laborious work very fast and can also do multiple things at once....
delphi parallel programming

Common problems in Delphi parallel programming

This tutorial will be explaining how to find performance bottlenecks and apply the correct algorithm to fix them when working with Delphi. Also, teach...

3 programming languages some people think are dead but definitely aren’t

Recently I looked closely at what it really means when a certain programming language, tool, or trend is declared to be ‘dead’. It seems,...

JavaScript Execution with Selenium

In this article, by Mark Collin, the author of the book, Mastering Selenium WebDriver, we will look at how we can directly execute JavaScript...

Must Read in Programming

Introducing .NET Live TV – Daily Developer Live Streams from .NET...

Today, we are launching .NET Live TV, your one stop shop for all .NET and Visual Studio live streams across Twitch and YouTube. We...