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web development

8 Reasons why architects love API driven architecture

Everyday, we see a new architecture popping up, being labeled as a modern architecture for application development. That’s what happened with Microservices in the...
working moms

Asking if good developers can be great entrepreneurs is like asking if moms can...

You heard me right. Asking, ‘can developers succeed at entrepreneurship?’ is like asking ‘if women should choose between work and having children’. ‘Can you have...
TypeScript 3.7

Have Microservices killed the monolithic architecture? Maybe not!

Microservices have been growing in popularity since the past few years, 2014 to be precise. Honestly speaking they weren’t that popular until around 2016...

1 in 3 developers want to be entrepreneurs. What does it take to make...

Much of the change we have seen over the last decade has been driven by a certain type of person: part developer, part entrepreneur. From...
management and tech issues

Developers think managers don’t know enough about technology. And that’s hurting business.

It's not hard to find jokes online about management not getting software. There has long been a perception that those making key business decisions...
Tech ninja and rockstar - terms we can do without?

Don’t call us ninjas or rockstars, say developers

Words like 'ninja' and 'rockstar' have been flying around the tech world for some time now. Data revealed by recruitment website Indeed at the...
What should you include on an engineering resume?

What matters on an engineering resume? Hacker Rank report says skills, not certifications

Putting together an engineering resume can be a real headache. What should you include? How can you best communicate your experience and skills? Software...
The key steps in the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

SDLC puts process at the center of software engineering

What is SDLC? SDLC stands for software development lifecycle. It refers to all of the different steps that software engineers need to take when building...
What is Chaos Engineering?

Chaos Engineering: managing complexity by breaking things

Chaos Engineering is based on a fundamental assertion about software infrastructure today: that it is inherently chaotic. Or, to be more specific, it is...

Must Read in Programming

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...