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Building Microservices can be a daunting task. With tools such as AWS and Node.js, it is vital to keep up with the latest developments to ensure your project is future-proof. Read the latest industry updates, news and guides online with the Packt Hub.

Examining the encoding/json Package with Go

In this article by Nic Jackson, author of the book Building Microservices with Go, we will examine the encoding/json package to see just how...

Testing and Quality Control

In this article by Pablo Solar Vilariño and Carlos Pérez Sánchez, the author of the book, PHP Microservices, we will see the following topics: (For...

Building Scalable Microservices

In this article by Vikram Murugesan, the author of the book Microservices Deployment Cookbook, we will see a brief introduction to concept of the...

Microservices and Service Oriented Architecture

Microservices are an architecture style and an approach for software development to satisfy modern business demands. They are not a new invention as such....

Hands on with Service Fabric

In this article by Rahul Rai and Namit Tanasseri, authors of the book Microservices with Azure, explains that Service Fabric as a platform supports...

What are Microservices?

In this article written by Gaurav Kumar Aroraa, Lalit Kale, Kanwar Manish, authors of the book Building Microservices with .NET Core, we will start with...

Understanding Microservices

This article by Tarek Ziadé, author of the book Python Microservices Development explains the benefits and implementation of microservices with Python. While the microservices architecture looks...

API Gateway and its Need

 In this article by Umesh R Sharma, author of the book Practical Microservices, we will cover API Gateway and its need with simple and...
The fundamentals of domain driven design

What is domain driven design?

Domain driven design exists because all software exists for a purpose. It does something. For example, you can't provide a software solution for a financial...
Lightweight Architecture Decision Records can make software engineering easier

What are lightweight Architecture Decision Records?

Architecture Decision Records (ADRs) document all the decisions made about software. Every change is recorded in a plain text file sitting inside a version...

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