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With businesses investing more and more into streamlining processes, Application Development is a bigger industry than it has ever been. Read the latest news, updates and guides from technologies including Visual Studio and Apache NetBeans on the Packt Hub.

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Documenting RESTful Java Web Services using Swagger

In the earlier days, many software solution providers did not really pay attention to documenting their RESTful web APIs. However, many API vendors soon realized the need...

NVTOP: An htop like monitoring tool for NVIDIA GPUs on Linux

People started using htop when the top just didn’t provide enough information. Now there is NVTOP, a tool that looks similar to htop but...
operator overloading in kotlin

GitHub introduces ‘Template repository’ for easy boilerplate code management and distribution

Yesterday GitHub introduced ‘Template repository’ using which you can share boilerplate code and directory structure across projects easily. This is similar to the idea...
delphi parallel programming

Why ASP.Net Core is the best choice to build enterprise web applications [Interview]

ASP.NET Core, the cross-platform and open-source framework is developed by Microsoft for building modern, cloud-based, and internet-connected applications. Designed to enable runtime components, APIs,...

LLVM officially migrating to GitHub from Apache SVN

In October last year, it was reported that LLVM (Low-Level Virtual Machine) is moving from Apache Subversion (SVN) to GitHub. Now the migration is...
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8 Reasons why architects love API driven architecture

Everyday, we see a new architecture popping up, being labeled as a modern architecture for application development. That’s what happened with Microservices in the...
multithreading in Java

Java Multithreading: How to synchronize threads to implement critical sections and avoid race conditions

One of the most common situations in concurrent programming occurs when more than one execution thread shares a resource. In a concurrent application, it...

Java Refactoring in NetBeans

  NetBeans IDE 7 Cookbook Over 70 highly focused practical recipes to maximize your output with NetBeans         Introduction Be warned that many of the refactoring techniques presented in...
Spiral galaxy and black hole. Computer artwork.

Why does the C programming language refuse to die?

As a technology research analyst, I try to keep up the pace with the changing world of technology. It seems like every single day,...

Building Your First Odoo Application

In this article by, Daniel Reis, the author of the book Odoo 10 Development Essentials, we will create our first Odoo application and learn...

Must Read in Programming

Learning Essential Linux Commands for Navigating the Shell Effectively 

Once we learn how to deploy an Ubuntu server, how to manage users, and how to manage software packages, we should take a moment...