Facebook released Hermes, an open source JavaScript engine to run React Native apps on...

Yesterday Facebook released a new JavaScript engine called Hermes under an open source MIT license. According to Facebook, this new engine will speed up...

Google releases Oboe, a C++ library to build high-performance Android audio apps

Yesterday, Google released the first production-ready version of Oboe. It is a C++ library for building real-time audio apps. One of its main benefits...
Snapchat code leaked

Snapchat source code leaked and posted to GitHub

Source code for what is believed to be a small part of Snapchat's iOS application was posted on GitHub after being leaked back in...

Google I/O 2019: Flutter UI framework now extended for Web, Embedded, and Desktop

At the ongoing 2019 Google I/O, Google made a major overhaul to its Flutter UI framework. Flutter is now expanded from mobile to multi-platform....
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Flutter challenges Electron, soon to release a desktop client to accelerate mobile development

On Saturday, the Flutter team announced that, as a competition to Electron, they will soon be releasing native desktop client to accelerate mobile development....
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What to expect from D programming language in the near future

On Tuesday, Atila Neves the Deputy leader for D programming language posted about his vision for D and what he would like to do...
Ionic Framework 4.0 released

Ionic Framework 4.0 has just been released, now backed by Web Components, not Angular

Ionic Framework today released Ionic Framework 4.0. The release is a complete rebuild of the popular JavaScript framework for developing mobile and desktop apps....
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Ionic React released; Ionic Framework pivots from Angular to a native React version

Yesterday the team behind the Ionic Framework announced the general availability of Ionic React, which is a native React version of Ionic Framework, pivoting...
Homebrew’s Github repo got hacked in 30 mins. How can open source projects fight supply chain attacks?

Homebrew 2.2 releases with support for macOS Catalina

Yesterday, the project manager of Homebrew, Mike McQuaid, announced the release of Homebrew 2.2. This is the third release of Homebrew this year. Some...
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React Native 0.60 releases with accessibility improvements, AndroidX support, and more

Yesterday, the team behind React Native announced the release of React Native 0.60. This release brings accessibility improvements, a new app screen, AndroidX support,...

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Understanding the Foundation of Protocol-oriented Design

When Apple announced Swift 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016, they also declared that Swift was the world’s first protocol-oriented...