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Flutter gets new set of lint rules to build better Chrome OS apps

Last week at the Google I/O, Flutter UI framework expanded from mobile to multi-platform and the company released the first technical preview of Flutter...
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React Native VS Xamarin: Which is the better cross-platform mobile development framework?

One of the most debated topics of the current mobile industry is the battle of the two giant app development platforms, Xamarin and React...
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React Native 0.60 releases with accessibility improvements, AndroidX support, and more

Yesterday, the team behind React Native announced the release of React Native 0.60. This release brings accessibility improvements, a new app screen, AndroidX support,...
Ionic Framework 4.0 released

Ionic React RC is now out!

Earlier this year, the Ionic team released the beta version of Ionic React. After receiving the developer feedback and contributions from the community, the...

Google releases Flutter 1.9 at GDD (Google Developer Days) conference

Last week, the team behind Flutter made an announcement at Google Developer Days about the stable release of Flutter 1.9. Flutter 1.9 has received...
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React Native 0.61 introduces Fast Refresh for reliable hot reloading

Last week, the React team announced the release of React Native 0.61. This release comes with an overhauled reloading feature called Fast Refresh, a...
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Ionic React released; Ionic Framework pivots from Angular to a native React version

Yesterday the team behind the Ionic Framework announced the general availability of Ionic React, which is a native React version of Ionic Framework, pivoting...

How to implement data validation with Xamarin.Forms

In software, data validation is a process that ensures the validity and integrity of user input and usually involves checking that that data is...

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Apple Entrepreneur Camp applications open for Black founders and developers from...

Apple Entrepreneur Camp supports underrepresented founders and developers as they build the next generation of cutting-edge apps and helps form a global network that...