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Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality News

The real world simply isn’t enough. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are beginning to grow throughout businesses and advertising. That’s why Packt Hub provides the latest news around AR and VR. Mobile Virtual Reality gives developers the opportunity for limitless creativity with tools such as ARCore and SteamVR.

Virtual solar system

Build a Virtual Reality Solar System in Unity for Google Cardboard

In today's tutorial, we will feature visualization of a newly discovered solar system. We will leverage the virtual reality development process for this project in order...
ARCore application

Build an ARCore app with Unity from scratch

In this tutorial, we will learn to install, build, and deploy Unity ARCore apps for Android. Unity is a leading cross-platform game engine that is...

Why should you use Unreal Engine 4 to build Augmented and Virtual Reality projects

This is an exciting time to be a game developer. New technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are here and growing...

How are Mobile apps transforming the healthcare industry?

Mobile App Development has taken over and completely re-written the healthcare industry. According to Healthcare Mobility Solutions reports, the Mobile healthcare application market is...
Google Play and Apple App Store

Getting started with building an ARCore application for Android

Google developed ARCore to be accessible from multiple development platforms (Android , Web , Unreal , and Unity ), thus giving developers plenty of...
VR goggles in a library

Top 7 modern Virtual Reality hardware systems

Since its early inception, virtual reality has offered an escape. Donning a headset can transport you to a brand new world, full of wonderment...
Google’s Daydream VR SDK finally adds support for two controllers

SteamVR introduces new controllers for game developers, the SteamVR Input system

SteamVR announced new controllers adding accessibility features to the Virtual reality ecosystem. The SteamVR input system, lets you build controller bindings for any game,...
Magic Leap Mica

Magic Leap unveils Mica, a human-like AI in augmented reality

In the keynote of their developer conference L.E.A.P., which took place Wednesday, Magic Leap showed a demo of their new human-like AI. Dubbed, Mica,...
Augmented Reality

Developers can now incorporate Unity features into native iOS and Android apps

Yesterday, Unity made an update stating that from Unity 2019.3.a2 onwards, Android and iOS developers will be able to incorporate Unity features into their...
Programming languages for 2019

IEEE Computer Society predicts top ten tech trends for 2019: assisted transportation, chatbots, and...

IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) released its annual tech future predictions, earlier this week, unveiling the top ten most likely to be adopted technology trends...

Must Read in Mobile

Apple Entrepreneur Camp applications open for Black founders and developers from...

Apple Entrepreneur Camp supports underrepresented founders and developers as they build the next generation of cutting-edge apps and helps form a global network that...