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Getting Started with Electronic Projects

Welcome to my second book produced by the good folks at Packt Publishing LLC. This book is somewhat different from my other book in...

Android and UDOO for Home Automation

This article written by Emanuele Palazzetti, the author of Getting Started with UDOO, will teach us about home automation and using sensors to monitor...

Dealing with Interrupts

This article is written by Francis Perea, the author of the book Arduino Essentials. In all our previous projects, we have been constantly looking for events...

The BSP Layer

In this article by Alex González, author of the book Embedded LinuxProjects Using Yocto Project Cookbook, we will see how the embedded Linux projects require...

Installing and Configuring Network Monitoring Software

This article written by Bill Pretty, Glenn Vander Veer, authors of the book Building Networks and Servers Using BeagleBone will serve as an installation...

Learning Embedded Linux Using Yocto: Virtualization

In this article by Alexandru Vaduva, author of the book Learning Embedded Linux Using the Yocto Project, you will be presented with information about...

Learning BeagleBone Python Programming

In this In this article by Alexander Hiam, author of the book Learning BeagleBone Python Programming, we will go through the initial steps to...
AWS Greengrass and machine learning

AWS Greengrass brings machine learning to the edge

AWS already has solutions for machine learning, edge computing, and IoT. But a recent update to AWS Greengrass has combined all of these facets...
Microsoft Azure IoT Edge is open source and generally available!

Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (Splunk IAI) targets Industrial IoT marketplace

Splunk has announced Splunk Industrial Asset Intelligence (Splunk IAI). It's now available on limited release. It would be made open to general availability later...
Tinkering with ticks in Matplotlib 2.0

5 reasons to choose AWS IoT Core for your next IoT project

Many cloud service providers have been marching towards adopting IoT (Internet of Things) services to attract more customers. This league includes top cloud merchants...