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Read out range of IoT and Hardware news, including the latest updates on Google Home, Alexa and Raspberry Pi. Packt Hub also provides guides on how to build your own IoT applications to bring the smart home to you.

FreeCAD: Open Source Design on the Bleeding Edge

Are you looking for software for designing physical objects for 3D printing or physical construction? Computer-aided design (CAD) software is used extensively in engineering when designing...

Chromebots: Increasing Accessibility for New Makers

Something special happens when a kid (or adult) makes an LED blink on their own for the first time. Once new programmers realize that...

Visit a 3D printing filament factory – 3dk.berlin

Have you ever wondered where the filament for your 3D printer comes from and how it’s made? I recently had the chance to visit 3dk.berlin,...

PiWars – Mike Horne’s world of Raspberry Pi Robotics

Robotics competitions have evolved from the time I participated in themduring my college days. Thanks to microboards such as the Raspberry Pi, it’s much...

What can the tech industry learn from the Maker community?

Just a week prior to the writing of this post, Maker Faire Bay Area was opened for three days in San Mateo, exhibiting hundreds...

Developers are today’s technology decision makers

For many years, technology in large organizations has been defined by established vendors. Oracle. Microsoft. Huge corporations were setting the agenda when it came...
Should you go with Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi 3 for your next IoT project?

Raspberry Pi v Arduino – which one’s right for me?

Okay, so you’ve decided to be a maker and you’ve created a little electronic project for yourself. Maybe an automatic garage door opener, or...
Microsoft Azure IoT Edge is open source and generally available!

Why Metadata is so important for IoT

The Internet of Things is growing all the time. However, as IoT takes over the world, there are more and more aspects of it...

How IoT is going to change tech teams

The Internet of Things is going to transform the way we live in the future. It will change how we commute, how we work,...

Monitoring CUPS- part1

The Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) is actually a printer management tool, and thus monitoring CUPS always remains a very essential activity to to...