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Read out range of IoT and Hardware news, including the latest updates on Google Home, Alexa and Raspberry Pi. Packt Hub also provides guides on how to build your own IoT applications to bring the smart home to you.

Building Our First Poky Image for the Raspberry Pi

In this article by Pierre-Jean TEXIER, the author of the book Yocto for Raspberry Pi, covers basic concepts of the Poky workflow. Using the Linux command...

ROS Architecture and Concepts

In this article by Anil Mahtani, Luis Sánchez, Enrique Fernández, and Aaron Martinez, authors of the book Effective Robotics Programming with ROS, Third Edition,...

Functions with Arduino

In this article by Syed Omar Faruk Towaha, the author of the book Learning C for Arduino, we will learn about functions and file...

Prototyping Arduino Projects using Python

In this article by Pratik Desai, the author of Python Programming for Arduino, we will cover the following topics: Working with pyFirmata methods Servomotor – moving the motor to a...

CUPS: How to Manage Multiple Printers

Configuring Printer Classes By default there are no printer classes set up. You will need to define them. The following are some of the criteria...

Build an IoT application with Azure IoT [Tutorial]

Azure IoT makes it relatively easy to build an IoT application from scratch. In this tutorial, you'll find out how to do it. This article...
follow me drone

How to build an Arduino based ‘follow me’ drone

In this tutorial, we will learn how to train the drone to do something or give the drone artificial intelligence by coding from scratch....

Using ROS with UAVs

In this article by Carol Fairchild and Dr. Thomas L. Harman, co-authors of the book ROS Robotics by Example, you will discover the field...

Home Assistant: an open source Python home automation hub to rule all things smart

We have Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Phillips Hue for smart actions in your home. But they are individual and require different controls. What...

5 DIY IoT projects you can build under $50

Lately, IoT is beginning to play an integral part in various industries, be it at the consumer-level, or at the enterprise side of it....