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Read out range of IoT and Hardware news, including the latest updates on Google Home, Alexa and Raspberry Pi. Packt Hub also provides guides on how to build your own IoT applications to bring the smart home to you.

CES 2019

CES 2019 is bullshit we don’t need after 2018’s techlash

The asinine charade that is CES is running in Las Vegas this week. Describing itself as 'the global stage of innovation', CES attempts to...
Tech trends that might die in 2019

4 things in tech that might die in 2019

If you’re in and around the tech industry, you’ve probably noticed that hype is an everyday reality. People spend a lot of time talking...
Wafer Scale Engine AI chip

MIPS open sourced under ‘MIPS Open Program’, makes the semiconductor space and SoC, ones...

On 17th December, Wave Computing announced that it will put MIPS on open source, with MIPS Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and MIPS’ latest core...
IoT (Internet of Things)

How to stop hackers from messing with your home network (IoT)

This week, NCCIC, in collaboration with cybersecurity authorities of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States released a joint ‘Activity...

Boston Dynamics adds military-grade mortor (parkour) skills to its popular humanoid Atlas Robot

Boston Dynamics, a robotics design company, has now added parkour skills to its popular and advanced humanoid robot, named Atlas. Parkour is a training...
Apple IoT

Apple joins the Thread Group, signaling its Smart Home ambitions with HomeKit, Siri and...

Apple is now a part of the Thread Group’s list of members, alongside its top rivals - Nest (a subsidiary of Google) and Amazon....
Wafer Scale Engine AI chip

AMD’s $293 million JV with Chinese chipmaker Hygon starts production of x86 CPUs

Chinese chip producer Hygon begins production of China-made x86 processors named “Dhyana”. These processors use AMD’s Zen microarchitecture and are the result of the...