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Learn Transformers for Natural Language Processing with Denis Rothman

Key takeaways The transformer architecture has proved to be revolutionary in outperforming the classical RNN and CNN models in use today. Artificial intelligence is simply a recent form of automation, just like all other automation. AI consultants will always be necessary to implement AI. ...

Python experts talk Python on Twitter: Q&A Recap

Python code pytorch
To celebrate the launch of Python Interviews, we ran a Q&A session on Twitter with some of the key contributors to the book. Author and interviewer Mike Driscoll (@driscollis), and experienced Python contributors Steve Holden (@holdenweb), and Alex Martelli (@aleaxit) got together to respond...

“Developers don’t belong on a pedestal, they’re doing a job like everyone else” – April Wensel on toxic tech culture and Compassionate Coding [Interview]

It’s well known that there’s a toxic element to tech culture. And although it isn’t new, it has nevertheless surfaced and become more visible thanks to the increasing maturity of the platforms that are today shaping public discourse. As those platforms empower new voices to...

Listen: researcher Rowel Atienza discusses artificial intelligence, deep learning, and why we don’t need to fear a robot-ruled future [Podcast]

Rowel Atienza discusses artificial intelligence on the Packt Podcast
Artificial intelligence threats are regularly talked up by the media. This is largely because the area is widely misunderstood. The robot revolution and dangerous algorithms are, unfortunately, much sexier than math and statistics. Artificial intelligence isn't really that scary. And while it does pose many...

“The Vue.js community is one of Vue’s biggest selling points” – Marina Mosti on Vue and JavaScript in 2019 [Interview]

Vue occupies an interesting position in the triumvirate of frontend JavaScript frameworks. Not hyped to the extent that React is, and not as established as Angular, it’s spent the last couple of years quietly minding its business and building an engaged and enthusiastic community...

Listen: UX designer Will Grant explains why good design probably can’t save the world [Podcast]

Will Grant on UX in 2019
UX designer has become a popular job role with tech recruiters, anxious to give roles a little extra sparkle and some additional sex appeal. But has UX become inflated as a term? Is its value being diluted? Although paying close attention to the experience of...

Security experts, Wolf Halton and Bo Weaver, discuss pentesting and cybersecurity [Interview]

Packt and Humble Bundle come together for cybersecurity bundle
This is Part 2 of the interview with our two Kali Linux experts, Wolf Halton, and Bo Weaver, on using Kali Linux for pentesting. In their section, we talk about the role of pentesting in cybersecurity. Previously, the authors talked about why Kali Linux is...

Why switch to Angular for web development – Interview with Minko Gechev

Should you switch to Angular?
Angular is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Today, it's jostling for position with React and Vue as the leading front-end development framework. But if you're not using it, you're probably wondering why you should switch to Angular at all. What makes Angular...

Bo Weaver on Cloud security, skills gap, and software development in 2019

Quantum Computing
Bo Weaver, a Kali Linux expert shares his thoughts on the security landscape in the cloud. He also talks about the skills gap in the current industry and why hiring is a tedious process. He explains the pitfalls in software development and where the...

“Data is the new oil but it has to be refined through a complex processing network” – Tirthajyoti Sarkar and Shubhadeep Roychowdhury [Interview]

cleaning data
Data is the new oil and is just as crude as unrefined oil. To do anything meaningful - modeling, visualization, machine learning, for predictive analysis – you first need to wrestle and wrangle with data. We recently interviewed Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar and Shubhadeep Roychowdhury, the...

Must Read in Mobile

WeatherKit Subscriptions☔, Animated Balloons in React🎈, Java Conferences☕ #55

What’s happening in Tech?   Android Learn Jetpack Compose at a Compose Camp near you! - Jetpack Compose is Android's modern toolkit that simplifies Android UI development....