Vue.js popular JavaScript framework

Vue.js 3.0 is ditching JavaScript for TypeScript. What else is new?

Last week, Evan You, the creator of Vue.js gave a summary of what to expect in the coming major release of Vue.js 3.0. To...
Learn how to code faster

Why Golang is the fastest growing language on GitHub

Google’s Go language or alternatively Golang is currently one of the fastest growing programming languages in the software industry. Its speed, simplicity, and reliability...

What is a convolutional neural network (CNN)? [Video]

What is a convolutional neural network, exactly? Well, let's start with the basics: a convolutional neural network (CNN) is a type of neural network that...

3 programming languages some people think are dead but definitely aren’t

Recently I looked closely at what it really means when a certain programming language, tool, or trend is declared to be ‘dead’. It seems,...
distributed network

Top 5 Deep Learning Architectures

If you are a deep learning practitioner or someone who wants to get into the world of deep learning, you might be well acquainted...

Katie Bouman unveils the first ever black hole image with her brilliant algorithm

Remember how we got to see the supermassive black hole in the movie Interstellar? Well, that wasn’t for real. We know that black holes...
Application security

5 useful Visual Studio Code extensions for Angular developers

Visual Studio Code has become a very popular code editor for Angular developers, particularly those running the Angular CLI. Features such as Syntax highlighting...

The CAP Theorem in practice: The consistency vs. availability trade-off in distributed databases

When you choose a database you are making a design decision. One of the best frameworks for understanding what this means in practice is...
Rusted chain

“Rust is the future of systems programming, C is the new Assembly”: Intel principal...

At Open Source Technology Summit (OSTS) 2019, Josh Triplett, a Principal Engineer at Intel gave an insight into what Intel is contributing to bring...

Different types of NoSQL databases and when to use them

Why NoSQL databases? The popularity of NoSQL databases over the last decade or so has been driven by an explosion of data. Before what’s commonly...

Must Read in Mobile

Understanding the Foundation of Protocol-oriented Design

When Apple announced Swift 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016, they also declared that Swift was the world’s first protocol-oriented...