Challenges into web scraping

4 common challenges in Web Scraping and how to handle them

Our article is an excerpt from the book Web Scraping with Python, written by Richard Lawson. This book contains step by step tutorials on...
Face detection using Haar Cascade

Implementing face detection using the Haar Cascades and AdaBoost algorithm

This article is an excerpt from a book written by Ankit Dixit titled Ensemble Machine Learning. This book serves as an effective guide to...

Building a Recommendation Engine with Spark

In this article, we will explore individual machine learning models in detail, starting with recommendation engines. (For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Recommendation...
data visualization

How to handle categorical data for machine learning algorithms

The quality of data and the amount of useful information are key factors that determine how well a machine learning algorithm can learn. Therefore,...
Netflix website showing on screen laptop with macbook pro at cafe. Netflix being popular internationally

Installing and Configuring X-pack on Elasticsearch and Kibana

This article is an excerpt from a book written by Pranav Shukla and Sharath Kumar M N titled Learning Elastic Stack 6.0. This book...
execute jobs in an iterative way with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

How to execute jobs in an iterative way with Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)

This is a book excerpt  from Learning Pentaho Data Integration 8 CE - Third Edition written by María Carina Roldán.  From this book, you...
Quora questions

Use TensorFlow and NLP to detect duplicate Quora questions [Tutorial]

This tutorial shows how to build an NLP project with TensorFlow that explicates the semantic similarity between sentences using the Quora dataset. It is...

Creating effective dashboards using Splunk [Tutorial]

Splunk is easy to use for developing a powerful analytical dashboard with multiple panels. A dashboard with too many panels, however, will require scrolling...
Hand touching keyboard with high tech buttons

How to Debug an application using Qt Creator

Today, we will learn about debugging an application using Qt Creator. A debugger is a program that can be used to test and debug other...
Compute Discrete Fourier Transform in SciPy

How to compute Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) using SciPy

This article is an excerpt from a book co-authored by L. Felipe Martins, Ruben Oliva Ramos and V Kishore Ayyadevara titled SciPy Recipes. This...

Must Read in Mobile

Understanding the Foundation of Protocol-oriented Design

When Apple announced Swift 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016, they also declared that Swift was the world’s first protocol-oriented...