How to interact with HBase using HBase shell [Tutorial]

HBase is among the top five most popular and widely-deployed NoSQL databases. It is used to support critical production workloads across hundreds of organizations....
Quora questions

Use TensorFlow and NLP to detect duplicate Quora questions [Tutorial]

This tutorial shows how to build an NLP project with TensorFlow that explicates the semantic similarity between sentences using the Quora dataset. It is...

Splunk: How to work with multiple indexes [Tutorial]

An index in Splunk is a storage pool for events, capped by size and time. By default, all events will go to the index specified by defaultDatabase,...
back up and recovery

Handling backup and recovery in PostgreSQL 10 [Tutorial]

Performing backups should be a regular task and every administrator is supposed to keep an eye on this vital stuff. Fortunately, PostgreSQL provides an...
jigsaw puzzle pieces

5 ways to create a connection to the Qlik Engine [Tip]

With mashups or web apps, the Qlik Engine sits outside of your project and is not accessible and loaded by default. The first step...
prevent errors in Teradata

How to prevent errors while using utilities for loading data in Teradata

In today’s tutorial we will assist you to overcome the errors that arise while loading, deleting or updating large volumes of data using Teradata...

3 ways to use Indexes in Teradata to improve database performance

In this tutorial, we will create solutions to design indexes to help us improve query performance of Teradata database management system. This article is an...

Implementing feedforward networks with TensorFlow

Deep feedforward networks, also called feedforward neural networks, are sometimes also referred to as Multilayer Perceptrons (MLPs). The goal of a feedforward network is to approximate the function of f∗. For...
Google Fuchsia

How TFLearn makes building TensorFlow models easier

Today, we will introduce you to TFLearn, and will create layers and models which are directly beneficial in any model implementation with Tensorflow. TFLearn is...

Visualizing BigQuery Data with Tableau

Tableau is an interactive data visualization tool that can be used to create business intelligence dashboards. Much like most business intelligence tools, it can...

Must Read in Mobile

Understanding the Foundation of Protocol-oriented Design

When Apple announced Swift 2 at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) in 2016, they also declared that Swift was the world’s first protocol-oriented...