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Get the latest Big Data news, insights and updates from the Packt Hub. We’ll help you get to grips with NoSQL databases like MongoDB. With the vast quantities of Data currently stored by businesses, it’s becoming increasingly important to manage it in logical and secure ways. Therefore, the Hub provides news and insights around technologies like Hadoop and AWS to help keep you up to date.


Budget and Demand Forecasting using Markov model in SAS [Tutorial]

Budget and demand forecasting are important aspects of any finance team. Budget forecasting is the outcome, and demand forecasting is one of its components. In...
Financial and Technical Data Analysis Graph Showing Search Findings

Packt teams up with Humble Bundle again to bring readers big data content

Packt has teamed up with Humble Bundle once again to bring readers an incredible range of content - while also supporting some incredible causes. This...
Can cloud mining be profitable?

How to secure your crypto currency

Managing and earning cryptocurrency is a lot of hassle and losing it is a lot like losing yourself. While security of this blockchain based...
Tech trends that might die in 2019

4 things in tech that might die in 2019

If you’re in and around the tech industry, you’ve probably noticed that hype is an everyday reality. People spend a lot of time talking...

Brett Lantz on implementing a decision tree using C5.0 algorithm in R

Decision tree learners are powerful classifiers that utilize a tree structure to model the relationships among the features and the potential outcomes. This structure...

What does a data science team look like?

Until a couple of years ago, people barely knew the term 'data science' which has now evolved into an extremely popular career field. The...

15 things every BI professional should know about Tableau

“The art and practice of visualizing data is becoming ever more important in bridging the human-computer gap to mediate analytical insight in a meaningful...

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Top life hacks for prepping for your IT certification exam

I remember deciding to pursue my first IT certification, the CompTIA A+. I had signed up for a class that lasted one week, per...

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Learn Transformers for Natural Language Processing with Denis Rothman

Key takeaways The transformer architecture has proved to be revolutionary in outperforming the classical RNN and CNN models in use today. Artificial intelligence is...

Distributed training in TensorFlow 2.x