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Why MXNet is a versatile Deep Learning framework

Tools to perform Deep Learning tasks are in abundance. You have programming languages that are adapted for the job or those specifically created to...

6 reasons why Google open-sourced TensorFlow

On November 9, 2015, a storm loomed over the SF Bay area creating major outages. At Mountain View, California, Google engineers were busy creating...
JupyterLab phases out Jupyter Notebook

Is Facebook-backed PyTorch better than Google’s TensorFlow?

The rapid rise of tools and techniques in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning of late has been astounding. Deep Learning, or “Machine learning on...

What we learned from Oracle OpenWorld 2017

“Amazon’s lead is over.” These famous words by the Oracle CTO Larry Ellison in the Oracle OpenWorld 2016 garnered a lot of attention, as Oracle...

Neuroevolution: A step towards the Thinking Machine

“I propose to consider the question - Can machines think?” - Alan Turing The goal for AI research has always remained the same - create...

Top 15 Applications of Machine Learning on Twitter

We know machine learning is being used to do a whole lot of things from spam filtering to self-driving cars. 15 applications of machine...

AI chip wars: Is Brainwave Microsoft’s Answer to Google’s TPU?

When Google decided to design their own chip with TPU, it generated a lot of buzz for faster and smarter computations with its ASIC-based...
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Introducing Intelligent Apps

We are a species obsessed with ‘intelligence’ since gaining consciousness. We have always been inventing ways to make our lives better through sheer imagination...

Top 4 chatbot development frameworks for developers

The rise of the bots is nigh! If you can imagine a situation involving a dialog, there is probably a chatbot for that. Just...

Spark + H2O = Sparkling water for your machine learning needs

The following is an excerpt from the book Mastering Machine Learning with Spark, Chapter 1, Introduction to Large-Scale Machine Learning and Spark written by...

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Top life hacks for prepping for your IT certification exam

I remember deciding to pursue my first IT certification, the CompTIA A+. I had signed up for a class that lasted one week, per...

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Learn Transformers for Natural Language Processing with Denis Rothman

Key takeaways The transformer architecture has proved to be revolutionary in outperforming the classical RNN and CNN models in use today. Artificial intelligence is...

Distributed training in TensorFlow 2.x