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Solving an NLP Problem with Keras, Part 2

In this two-part post series, we are solving a Natural Language Processing (NLP) problem with Keras. In Part 1, we covered the problem and...

Free Machine Learning eBooks

So, you want to learn how to build machine learning algorithms? But where do you start? Becoming a data scientist is a really smart career...
Optical training of Neural networks is making AI more efficient

Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks

In this blog post, we begin with a simple classification task that the reader can readily relate to. The task is a binary classification...

AI and the Raspberry Pi: Machine Learning and IoT, What’s the Impact?

Ah, Raspberry Pi, the little computer that could. On its initial release back in 2012, it quickly gained popularity among creators and hobbyists as...

IBM Machine Learning: What Is It, and What Does It Mean For Data Scientists?

Like many cloud providers, IBM is invested and interested in developing and building out their machine learning offerings. Because more and more companies are...

What is Keras?

What is keras? Keras is a high-level library for deep learning, which is built on top of Theano and Tensorflow. It is written in Python,...

What is transfer learning?

Introduction and motivation In standard supervised machine learning, we need training data, i.e. a set of data points with known labels, and we build a...

How should web developers learn machine learning?

Do you have the motivation to learn machine learning? Given its relevance in today's landscape, you should be motivated to learn about this field....
Defining coding as a service

What is coding as a service?

What is coding as a service? If you want to know what coding as a service is, you have to start with Artificial intelligence. Put...

Regression models in Weka

(For more resources related to this topic, see here.) Getting ready Let's look at an example of a house price-based regression model, and create some real...

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Top life hacks for prepping for your IT certification exam

I remember deciding to pursue my first IT certification, the CompTIA A+. I had signed up for a class that lasted one week, per...

Must Read in Data

Learn Transformers for Natural Language Processing with Denis Rothman

Key takeaways The transformer architecture has proved to be revolutionary in outperforming the classical RNN and CNN models in use today. Artificial intelligence is...

Distributed training in TensorFlow 2.x