Cloud & Networking

Cloud and Networking are the two fastest growing technology sectors of recent years. With the latest news from the world of Cloud Computing including the likes of Google, Azure and AWS, as well as the latest DevOps news, the Packt Hub team write about the biggest stories as they develop.

3 Reasons Why “the Cloud” Is a Terrible Metaphor (and One Why It Isn’t)

I have a lot of feelings about “the cloud” as a metaphor for networked computing. All my indignation comes too late, of course. I’ve...

Cloud Security Tips: Locking Your Account Down with AWS Identity Access Manager (IAM)

With the growth of cloud services such as Google’s Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Amazon’s Web Service, and many others,developers and organizations have unprecedented access...

Getting Started with DevOps

DevOps requires you to know many facets of people and technology. If you're interested in starting your journey into the world of DevOps, then...

Trick Question: What is DevOps?

An issue that plagues DevOps is the lack of a clearly defined definition. A Google search displays results that state that DevOps is empathy,...
Why Docker has made sysadmins sexy

Docker has turned us all into sysadmins

Docker has been one of my favorite software stories of the last couple of years. On the face of it, it should be pretty...
How DataOps can bridge the gap between data science and DevOps

Bridging the gap between data science and DevOps with DataOps

What’s the real value of data science? Hailed as the sexiest job of the 21st century just a few years ago, there are rumors...

The Tao of DevOps

What is Tao? It's a complex idea - but one method of thinking of it is to find the natural way of doing things,...