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How DataOps can bridge the gap between data science and DevOps

Bridging the gap between data science and DevOps with DataOps

What’s the real value of data science? Hailed as the sexiest job of the 21st century just a few years ago, there are rumors...

The Tao of DevOps

What is Tao? It's a complex idea - but one method of thinking of it is to find the natural way of doing things,...

AWS for Mobile Developers – Getting Started with Mobile Hub

Amazon Web Services, also known as AWS, is a go-to destination for developers to host their server-side apps. AWS isn’t exactly beginner-friendly, however. So...

Top 5 DevOps Tools to Increase Agility

DevOps has been broadly defined as a movement that aims to remove the barriers between the development and operations teams within an organization. Agile...

So you want to be a DevOps engineer

The DevOps movement has come about to accomplish the long sought-after goal of removing the barriers between the traditional development and operations organizations. Historically,...

DevOps is not continuous delivery

What is the difference between DevOps and continuous delivery? The tech world is full of buzzwords; DevOps is undoubtly one of the best-known of the last...

Why containers are driving DevOps

It has been a long ride since the days where one application would just take a full room of computing hardware. Research and innovation...

The most important skills you need in DevOps

During the last couple of years, we’ve seen how DevOps has exploded and has become one of the most competitive differentiators for every organization,...

5 common misconceptions about DevOps

DevOps is a transformative operational concept designed to help development and production teams coordinate operations more effectively. In theory, DevOps is designed to be...
Why microservices and DevOps go well together

Why microservices and DevOps are a match made in heaven

What are microservices? In terms of software, ‘services’ could be thought of as little chunks of functionality. Services are a part of service-oriented architecture (SOA)....