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New for 2020 in operations and infrastructure engineering

It’s an exciting time if you work in operations and software infrastructure. Indeed, you could even say that as the pace of change and...

Operations and infrastructure engineering in 2019: what really mattered

Everything is unreliable, right? If we didn’t realise it before, 2019 was the year when we fully had to accept the reality of the...

Was 2019 the year the world caught the Kubernetes fever?

In the current IT landscape, phrases such as “containerized applications” and “container deployment” are thrown around so often, that the meanings and connotations behind...
DevOps mistake

DevOps mistakes which developers should avoid!

DevOps is becoming recognized as a vital pillar of digital transformation. Because of this, CIOs are becoming enthusiastic regarding how DevOps and open source...
DevOps and Cloud Native

Abel Wang explains the relationship between DevOps and Cloud-Native

Cloud-native is microservices containers and serverless apps that run in multi-cloud environments and are managed by DevOps processes. However, the relationship between these is...

Chaos engineering comes to Kubernetes thanks to Gremlin

Kubernetes causes problems. Just last week Cindy Sridharan wrote on Twitter that while Docker "succeeded... because it was a great developer tool," Kubernetes "decided...

DevSecOps and the shift left in security: how Semmle is supporting software developers [Podcast]

Software security has been 'shifting left' in recent years. Thanks to movements like Agile and Dev(Sec)Ops, software developers are finding that they have to...

Can DevOps promote empathy in software engineering?

If DevOps is, at a really basic level, about getting different teams to work together, then you could say that DevOps is a discipline...
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Puppet announces the public beta of Project Nebula

Today, Puppet announced the public beta of their Project Nebula at the Puppetize PDX, a two-day event (October 9-10) featuring user-focused DevOps and infrastructure...

Chaos engineering company Gremlin launches Scenarios, making it easier to tackle downtime issues

Chaos engineering platform Gremlin launched Scenarios at ChaosConf 2019.