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Cloud and Networking are the two fastest growing technology sectors of recent years. With the latest news from the world of Cloud Computing including the likes of Google, Azure and AWS, as well as the latest DevOps news, the Packt Hub team write about the biggest stories as they develop.

Cloud pricing comparison: AWS vs Azure

On average, businesses waste about 35% of their cloud spend due to inefficiently using their cloud resources. This amounts to more than $10 billion...

How to Configure Squid Proxy Server

  Squid Proxy Server 3.1: Beginner's Guide Improve the performance of your network using the caching and access control capabilities of Squid         Read more about this book       In...

Deploying your Applications on WebSphere Application Server 7.0 (Part 1)

Inside the Application Server Before we look at deploying an application, we will quickly run over the internals of WebSphere Application Server (WAS). The anatomy...

Getting Started with Fortigate: Troubleshooting

Base system diagnostics The status screen in the web-based manager includes a high level overview of information such as the system time (that is important,...

How to use XmlHttpRequests to Send POST to Server

So, you need to send some bits of information from your browser to the server in order to complete some processing. Maybe you need...

Creating a Web Page for Displaying Data from SQL Server 2008

This article by Jayaram Krishnaswamy describes how you may connect to SQL Server 2008 and display the retrieved data in a GridView Control on...
async programming

Troubleshooting techniques in vRealize Operations components

vRealize Operations Manager helps in managing the health, efficiency and compliance of virtualized environments. In this tutorial, we have covered the latest troubleshooting techniques...

Encrypting Zabbix Traffic

In this article by Rihards Olups, the author of the book Zabbix Network Monitoring, Second Edition, we will learn how communication between Zabbix components...
Network concept. Gold sphere in the center, silver spheres are connected by lines.

Vulnerabilities in the Application and Transport Layer of the TCP/IP stack

The Transport layer is responsible for end-to-end data communication and acts as an interface for network applications to access the network. This layer also...
Key data science trends for 2019

Cloud computing trends in 2019

Cloud computing is a rapidly growing technology that many organizations are adopting to enable their digital transformation. As per the latest Gartner report, the...